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Announcement: General Guidelines for Rank Ups

Posted by Caboose

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General Information:


This page outlines the criteria required to attain each rank within the DeadlyGaming community. Furthermore, it provides a definition of each rank along with the responsibilities required of the person who holds said rank. Although the amount of time a member has been a part of DeadlyGaming is a major consideration, it does not by itself guarantee progression within our ranking system. As it is described below, our officers are assigned the task of determining who deserves to move up in rank and who does not.

Major Considerations:
Being On TeamSpeak:






Other than our forums, Teamspeak is our favorite place to relax and enjoy each other’s company while playing video games. If you are online or in game, and especially if you are in one of our game servers, it is encouraged that you be on Teamspeak as well. Teamspeak attendance and participation is essential to proving yourself worthy of more responsibility with the community.

On the forum:






Our forums represent the core of our community. It is a place that we all can share and enjoy each others ideas and stories. The forums offer a wide range of information and entertainment: everything that you need to know about DeadlyGaming and its members can be found within the threads of the forums. Members are expected to participate by posting or responding to posts in the forums. The forums represent our primary method of communication.







Recruiting new members into the DeadlyGaming community is one of the most important actions you can carry out as a member. New members are what makes a clan grow and thrive. Your assistance in finding these new members will earn you the highest praise from the community.








Donating to the DeadlyGaming community does not buy you a higher rank, however it does demonstrate a level of devotion to the clan that the leaders will notice.


Special skills/services:


Members that prove particularly useful in certain areas are treasured, and will be rewarded. Examples include, but certainly are not limited to: Programming, Art (for the site or in signatures for other members), and Videos/Montages.

Rankup Guidelines:






Keep in mind that the following list is a guideline and does not by itself guarantee anything. Additionally, the timeline implied by the paragraphs below is subject to change at the discretion of the Leadership.


Enlisted Ranks:


The enlisted ranks represent our entry level members. During your time as an enlisted member, it is important that you demonstrate a high level of participation and make an effort to meet as many members as possible.


Posted Image Recruit |REC


New recruits start out as a REC. This is a trial period that will last for approximately 2 weeks. Your activity will be monitored during these 2 weeks, and if at the end of this time period you have not been active, you will be denied full membership. If you have been active during this time, you will be promoted to a full member.


Posted ImagePrivate |PVT



After 2 weeks of activity as a |REC you will become a private. This is the beginning of your journey through the DeadlyGaming community, enjoy! Privates are encouraged to maintain a high level of participation both on the forums and on Teamspeak.


Posted ImagePrivate First Class |PFC


After 1 month as a Deadly Gaming member you will be eligible for this rank given that you continue to participate on the forums and Teamspeak. Additionally, you must have a minimum of 15 forum posts.


Posted ImageSpecialist |SPC


After 1 month as a Private First Class you will be eligible for the rank of Specialist given that you continue to participate on the forums and Teamspeak.


Posted ImageLance Corporal |LCPL



After 1 month as a Specialist you will be eligible for the rank of Lance Corporal (LCPL) given that you continue to participate on the forums and Teamspeak. As a LCPL you will now be able to apply to be a moderator on one of our forums.


Posted ImageCorporal |CPL



After 1 month as a Lance Corporal you will be eligible for the rank of Corporal. To obtain this rank you must recruit one new member.


Posted ImageSergeant |SGT



After 1 month as a Corporal you will be eligible for the rank of Sergeant. To obtain this rank you must assist a recruit in obtaining either a Gamer (GMR) or Private (PVT) rank.


Posted ImageStaff Sergeant |SSG



After 1 month as a Sergeant you will be eligible for the rank of Staff Sergeant. To obtain this rank you must create or assist in the creation of artwork in the multimedia section of our forums. Don’t worry, if you’re not artistically inclined, you can collaborate with another member.


Posted ImageGunnery Sergeant |GYSGT


After 1 month as a Staff Sergeant you will be eligible for the rank of Gunnery Sergeant. To obtain this rank, you must post a video, and a song, in the appropriate forum sections. There is no time requirement for this rank.


Posted ImageMaster Sergeant |MSG


After 1 month as a Gunnery Sergeant you will be eligible for the rank of Master Sergeant. To obtain this rank you must introduce a new and relevant idea into the DG Suggestion Section.


Posted Image1st Sergeant |1SG



After 1 month as a Master Sergeant you will be eligible for the rank of 1st Sergeant. To obtain this rank you must have posted a minimum of 200 times on our forums.


Posted ImageMaster Gunnery Sergeant |MGYSGT


After 1 month as a 1st Sergeant you will be eligible for the rank of Master Gunnery Sergeant. To obtain this rank you must submit an article for publication under the “Tech News” section of the forums.


Posted ImageSergeant Major |SGM


After 1 month as a Master Gunnery Sergeant you will be eligible for the rank of Sergeant Major. To obtain this rank you must successfully help 4 other members achieve a higher rank by assisting in the completion of their required tasks.


Officer Ranks:



Attaining the rank of Officer is the highest honor a DeadlyGaming member can achieve. From 2nd Lieutenants to Generals, the officer’s of DeadlyGaming are comprised of our most trusted and valued members. Officers have access to more areas of the forum, are granted the ability to move Guests in TeamSpeak, and are given many responsibilities within the clan. Officers are required to have and be able to use a microphone in TeamSpeak. The DeadlyGaming leadership is responsible for officer promotions - there are no time or participation requirements, you must go above and beyond to advance from this point foward.







Here is a list of officer positions along with their responsibilities. Bear in mind that this list should never be used as an excuse to not take on additional responsibility. We fully expect all of our officers to overcome each challenge that we encounter as a team.


Posted Image2nd Lieutenant |2LT


2nd Lieutenant’s represent DeadlyGaming’s next generation of leadership. As a 2nd Lieutenant you are responsible for actively seeking out all members who are inactive in your platoon and reporting their inactivity to your CO. If during this process you have the opportunity to encourage inactive members to become active once again it is your duty to take advantage of said opportunity.


Posted Image1st Lieutenant |1LT


In addition to the responsibilities of a 2nd Lieutenant, as a 1st Lieutenant you will be counted on to complete one or both of the following tasks each month; find 1 new recruit and or assist one member in achieving a higher rank.


Posted ImageCaptain |CPT


Captains are responsible for ensuring that our Lieutenants are equipped to successfully complete the tasks outlined above. Each Captain should pay extra special attention to his or her platoon in this regard. Captains are subject to demotion if they do not keep a sharp eye on their Lieutenants. Captains are awarded Teamspeak admin.


Posted ImageMajor |MJR


Majors have two specific roles. First Majors are responsible for monitoring the moderation of the forums. In short, they report any moderators that are not closing topics, pinning topics, locking topics, etc to the Leadership. Secondly, Majors are responsible for teaching new 2nd Lieutenants how to do their job.


Posted ImageColonel |COL



Building on the responsibilities outline in the Major rank, Colonels are also responsible for making sure that all the competitive squads in DeadlyGaming are healthy and active. If you discover that they are not, you must assist in revitalizing said squad. If the squad is beyond saving, you must report your findings to the Leadership for review. Lastly, if you want to become one of the leaders of DeadlyGaming, this is the time to prove it - the Leaders are watching.




The Leaders of DeadlyGaming consist of longtime members, and founders. This prestigious group is given access to every area of the forums, as well as full administrative privileges in all DG servers, including TeamSpeak. Members of this group represent the final authority on all things DeadlyGaming.


Posted ImageBrigadier General |BG



Brigadier Generals are responsible for marketing DeadlyGaming to a wider audience. As a Brigadier General think outside the box when promoting DG abroad: post on forums, advertise in game, publish a youtube video...the sky's the limit and feel free to involve any other members in this process.


Posted ImageMajor General |MG


The Major Generals of DeadlyGaming are responsible for the livelihood of our gaming servers. They monitor all server administrators and make themselves available to solve any issues or attend to any public complaints that originate in game.


Posted ImageGeneral |GEN


Generals are in charge of making sure that all members are doing the jobs assigned to their rank.




Posted ImageFounder |FDR


These guys started DeadlyGaming. They gave us our direction, values, and have put countless hours of time into providing us all with the opportunity to come together and game as family and friends. This site, and everything we do began with their vision.

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