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Announcement: General FAQ

Posted by Caboose

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Rank Ups FAQ

Q: Who does Rank Ups?

A: Your Platoon Leader is the one who submits your recommendation for a Rank Up

Q: How often are Rank Ups submitted?

A: They were submitted every two weeks BUT from now on they will be submitted once a month

Q: If I have the requirements shown herewill I necessarily get a Rank Up?

A: No

Q: Why not?

A: Rank Ups are totally subjective to the Platoon leaders; Maturity, activity on the forums and teamspeak, attitude are all factors taken into consideration

Q: What if I think there is a problem with my rank-up?

A: Don't jump directly to Brklyn. Talk to your Platoon Leader first and he will look into it, or he will justify the reason why you didn't receive a Rank Up

Q: What if I think that my platoon leader is being unfair?

A: Talk to our HR staff (Nightmare, Caboose)

Q: What if my problem isn't solved after all of this?

A: Well about that.......it is NOT gonna happen

Forums FAQ

Q: Where are the rules?

A: Kinda surprised you don't know that by now, but here they are here

Q: What will happen if I don't follow them?

A: Your post might be deleted / edited. If it has offensive materials you will have to take responsibility of the consequences, and DG leaders will look into it.

Q: What if I think a topic needs to be Removed / Deleted?

A: Check the moderator team here Talk to the people moderating the section of the forums that you have a problem with, and they will look into it.

On leave FAQ

Q: When shall I announce that I am on leave?

A: When you are going AFK 2 Weeks+

Q: Does making a post about it help?

A: No

Q: What shall I do then?

A: You have to make sure you PM both your platoon's CO and XO as they are the ones responsible for putting you on leave

Q: Where can I find my CO and XO?

A: Right here!

Q: What if I didn't send them a PM?

A: If you go AFK for 1 Month+ without sending them a PM, there is a high chance that you will be removed from DG roster, and you may have to re-apply.

Problems With Members FAQ

Q: What shall I do if I have a Problem with a member?

A: Although we wish that this doesn't happen; If it did, Make sure you NEVER have an argument about it on TS or the forums, Try to solve the problem with each other via a PM.

Q: What if it didn't work out?

A: Again never make a fuss about it. Talk to your platoon leaders, or you can contact the HR staff (Caboose, Nightmare) through a PM on the forums or a private conversation on TeamSpeak

You think there are more FAQs that should be added?
Send me a PM and I will check it out
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