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DG Recruit & Member Expectations

  • Must be 16 or older.
  • Must be active on our TeamSpeak.
  • Must be active on our forums.
  • Must follow the rules.

Follow us

Following our social media outlets help the clan greatly! We ask that you take the time and join each one.

DG Recruitment Process

When applying if the application is not filled out completely it will cause delays in processing your application, so please be thorough in your answers. Allow 24 hours for an initial reply. Should an officer message you requesting more information, reply back as soon as you can so we can help process your application as quickly as possible; however in the mean time please feel free to connect to our TeamSpeak Server and get to know our members. Thank you for your time and for applying for membership to the DeadlyGaming Family.

Our Rules


We do NOT want disrespectful people in the clan. Anyone who makes racist remarks, flames other players, starts fights, etc. will be kicked without exception. Please be MATURE!!! If you have any issues that you cannot resolve on your own, contact one of the HR personnel (Caboose, Converse, Nightmare) (Recommended age 16+)


We are always looking for committed members who are active. If you are inactive for 1 month without explanation you may be removed from Deadly Gaming.

TeamSpeak 3

TeamSpeak is a requirement for all members. All members need to be on TeamSpeak while in Deadly Gaming servers or playing any support games we play. If you are found playing on our server with out being on TS, you will be kicked from the server until you hop on TS.


Respect is to be shown to every single member. There are no offensive comments made to anyone. Respect is always given to the leaders and officers of Deadly Gaming. Any disrespect will lead to a warning. If you respect someone, that someone will respect you in return.


Multi-clanning is not allowed. If you are dedicated to Deadly Gaming, then you should not be interested in joining any other clan in the games we play. If you want to join another clan you are free to do so, but at the same time we expect that you at least let us know that you are leaving. Members ARE able to join a guild in an MMO in which DG does not have an active following, however said guild CAN NOT have an active community outside the guild in which the member would be held back from their duties at DG.

Donations/Server payments

Donations will be accepted by anyone who wishes to contribute to the clan. Donations are greatly appreciated, however this does not imply that the donor will advance in the clan nor necessarily get accepted into the clan. Contributions should only be made for the well-being of the clan and not for personal gain.


Do not post referral links unless they benefit the clan as a whole, this can get out of hand very easily.

Our Server Rules


Calling other players derogatory names is not allowed. Name-calling in jest will be tolerated only if clearly marked by text or emoticons indicating the joking nature of the statement in question. EVEN SO, players must keep in mind that sometimes people do not appreciate such antics, and you MUST STOP if asked to do so, by the 'target', by a DG clan member, or by any other player on the server. Please do not argue with other players on the server that you were 'only joking'. Just stop, apologize if you feel it necessary, and move on.


Players are expected to follow clan members' requests to comply with the server rules. Showing disrespect to a clan member or ignoring their instructions is grounds for immediate removal from the server.

NO Hacking

Anyone caught hacking (i.e. wallhacking or aimbotting) will be permanently banned from our servers. If you think someone is hacking, spectate them and take a demo. Then submit it to our website where it will be reviewed by admins and dealt with thereafter.


Malicious taunting of other players will not be tolerated. As with name-calling, taunting in jest will be allowed only if clearly marked by text or emoticons indicating the joking nature of the statement in question. Players are to stop immediately if asked to do so, by anyone on the server. (NOTE: Self-aggrandizing statements, such as "I OWN", or "TEAM WHOEVER" are NOT considered taunting. Taunting is directed at an individual.)

Racism and other prejudice

If a player uses a racial slur, they will be warned once by an admin if one is present. If it continues, the player will be banned from DG servers for one year. This also applies to any other form of prejudice (i.e. gender, sexual orientation. religion, etc.)

No Vulgar Name Tags

This should be self-explanatory!

Setting up TeamSpeak

  • Download TS3 here.
  • Our TS3 Info: ts3.thedgclan.com or click here.
  • For more info on how to setup TS3 and our rules click here.

    If it's your first time joining our server you will be assigned as a Guest. Please message an Officer, Admin, and/or a Server Admin to have the appropriate permissions assigned. Our moderator and administrative staff usually will greet any guests that join the server.

Deciding between PVT and GMR

PVT (Ranked)

This rank means that you are applying to the clan as a ranked member. You will be able to move up in ranks in our clan and help out with responsibilities. This is more for people that are able to dedicate the time and effort to help this community grow. You may view our rank up requirements here. Click here to apply for PVT.

GMR (Unranked)

This means that you are forfeiting your ability to rank up in the clan. You are here only to play video games and socialize with our members. You will not be able to apply for positions such as server admin, moderator, and officer. This does not mean that you are omitted from the rules, both tags will mean that you must follow the rules or you will be kicked. Click here to apply for GMR.

DG Member and Recruit Expectations

  • Must be 16 or older.
  • Must be active on our TeamSpeak.
  • Must be active on our forums.
  • Must abide by our rules.

Thank you again for taking the time to review this page. We here at DeadlyGaming value good sportsmanship, honesty, and function together like a family. Please don't forget to check your application periodically. The recruit phase is 2 weeks and your activity will be closely monitored for evaluation. Should you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact an Officer. You may view our roster to see who may be able to assist you. All 2nd Lieutenants and above are considered Officers of this community and are obligated to assist members and recruits.

Click this button to begin your application process

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