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DeadlyGaming Warning System

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#1 Brklyn

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Posted 08 April 2013 - 10:59 AM


The philosophy for enforcing the rules is one of escalating punishments with members given the chance to change their behavior before they are suspended. Offenses are categorized into 4 groups:

Minor offenses
- Posting in a language other than English.
- Spamming.
- Impersonating someone else.
- Mild cases of flaming or trolling.
- Posting about a locked or deleted thread.

Intermediate offenses
- Ignoring or blatantly disregarding staff instructions.
- Severe trolling, flaming or racist remarks.
- Posting links to warez.
- Cheating accusations made in public, if you have evidence send it to a DeadlyGaming Officer.

Major offenses
- Violation of the DeadlyGaming Standard Code of Conduct
- Harassment of a member.
- Making public any personal messages sent from DeadlyGaming officers.
- Flaming/threatening DeadlyGaming officers.
- Directly posting pornographic material (images or stories).
- Posting links to pornography.
- Posting information from a private forum (may also be grounds for losing access to that forum)
- Using another account to evade a suspension.
- Posting or discussing the contents of your warning log.
- Logging onto another member's account.

Bannable / removable offenses
- Sharing account access with a banned/suspended member.
- Evading a ban by creating a new account.
- Providing real life information, or details of where or how to obtain real-life information, of any user of the forums or member of the site staff or admin groups without their permission.
- Being proven as a cheater or hacker in any game we support.
- Belonging to one or more clans in addition to DeadlyGaming.

When a warning is issued you will have 'warning points' added to your account with different points allocated to each category of offense:

Minor Offenses - 1 warning point
Intermediate Offenses - 2 warning points
Major Offenses - 4 warning points

Warning points are cumulative and any punishments are based on the member's warning level after the offense as follows:

1-4: Warning
5-8: Demotion of at least one rank
9-12: Demotion of multiple ranks and exemption from rank ups for two rank cycles
13: Removal from DeadlyGaming

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