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[All Source Games Server] General Admin Information

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Posted 03 August 2013 - 09:31 PM

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Source Games General Admin (SGGA) Information Page! This is where we show you what kind of permissions and actions certain individual can and/or cannot do. In order to become an admin for any of these Source Games that are available on DeadlyGaming, you will need to know a little information of how our administration plugin works for all of our active Source Games servers. At the end of the information that is given, there are instructions on how you can become an administrator. *Certain Restriction May or May Not Apply*. CAKE WILL ALSO BE SERVED.

For all of our servers, we are using SourceMod as a way to maintain our servers using administration commands and actions. This mod is more specifically for adding custom plugins into dedicated servers, but the starters of the SourceMod package is the SourceMod Admin Plugin (sm_admin).


Now that you've understand what we are using, now we will explain and list all the permissions that you can use in the plugin. The permissions are in a form called "flags" and protection called "immunity" From here you can look at what you can do and which commands/permissions are available to you. Note that you will not receive all the permissions, with the exception of top-ranking Generals and Founders of DeadlyGaming and certain exclusions. The order goes in as such:

"reservation" "a" - This will guarantee you a reserved space in the server. (VIP type of privilege)
"generic" "b" - This flag is needed for all admins, but it is not anything specific through commands.
"kick" "c" - This will allow you to kick a player from the server.
"ban" "d" - This will allow you to ban a player from the server. (Server Admins and above)
"unban" "e" - This will allow you to unban a player. (Server Admins and above)
"slay" "f" - This will allow you to slay a player on the server.
"changemap" "g" - This will allow you to change maps that are listed under map list. (Officers and above)
"cvars" "h" - This will allow you to change the command variables of the server. (Reserved for Developers)
"config" "i" - This will allow you to change the config of the server. (Reserved for Developers)
"chat" "j" - This will allow you to have special chat privileges on the server.
"vote" "k" - This will allow you to call a vote within the server.
"password" "l" - This will allow you to set a password on the server, which will lock the server to become private. (Reserved for Developers)
"rcon" "m" - This will allow you to control the server with the available commands that you can use externally through a third-party RCON tool.
"cheats" "n" - This will allow you to change the settings of cheating and other commands. (Reserved for Developers)
"root" "z" - This will allow you to have all the flags that are listed above (Reserved for Developers)


As for immunity is the amount of protection you are given. The value of the immunity is ranged from 0-99, 99 having the highest immunity. So how does it work? In a scenario, let us say Toho has an immunity value of 99 (max immunity). Then Razzko, who has an immunity level of 85 and tried to use the kick action on Toho. What the immunity levels will do is that it will prevent someone who has a lower immunity level to execute a command on an admin who has a higher immunity level. The higher the immunity level, the better protection you will have from someone using a command against you.


Now that we covered the "Flags" and "Immunity" part, now you able to become an admin! Before we get you settled into your cozy admin position, there will be different admin levels based on groups of Admins, Server Admins, and Developers. For the permission of "slay" PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THAT PERMISSION, USE IT FOR GOOD USE.


Admins (Ranks: Specialist - Sergeant Major) will receive:
Flags: "a" (reservation), "b" (generic), "c" (kick), "f" (slay), "j" (chat), "k" (vote), "m" (rcon)
Immunity: 33 (Specialist - Master Sergeant)
Immunity: 55 (1st Sergeant - Sergeant Major)

Server Admins (Ranks: 2nd Lieutenant - Co-Founder) will receive:
Flags: Admins Tier Flags + "d" (ban), "e" (unban), "g" (changemap)
Immunity: 66 (2nd Lieutenant - Major)
Immunity: 88 (Colonel - Co-Founder)

Developers (Ranks: Founders and Server Developers) will receive:
Flags: "z" (root: access to every commands)
Immunity: 99 (Server Developers and Founders)

Now that the admin levels are organized, there are some restriction. This restriction will apply above officers only. Our officers at DeadlyGaming are trained to spot and verify suspicious activities of any game servers. If you are going to become an admin, you must be an active admin because these power are given with privileges from the server developers. It would be really a shame if the position's duty is not being carried. A great example is this: If a member who is a Captain rank, let's say, and if he only comes in the servers rarely, we will assign that person under the categorized admin rank with limited permissions. They will not receive the full permissions that are listed under the category. Pretty much like custom permissions. That restriction will apply to all Source games servers that are available under DeadlyGaming's name.


Applying for the Position

These are the general rules of becoming an administrator on the server:
  • Do not abuse or threaten your admin powers to players
  • No Racism or Swearing
  • All DeadlyGaming rules are applied
  • Do not disrespect players or other admins who are higher and lower your admin rank
  • Optional: If you see someone who is not in a clan, try to recruit him/her or at least introduce the name of DeadlyGaming

To apply for the position of any of the Source Game Servers, Copy and Paste this Application onto a Private Message to Tohoshinki titled: "Source Game Admin Application". Please answer the questions as detailed as possible:

1. What is your name:

2. What game server(s) are you applying for:

3. Where do you reside/live at:

4. What is your reason to become an admin for this/these servers:

5. Do you have prior experience of being an admin? If yes, please describe your experience:

6. Do you accept and abide to the rules that are given above:

Credit: TohoSensei



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