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How the central lot economy works

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#1 Next_Generation

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Posted 02 April 2015 - 01:13 PM

I would like to explain how this tech works, since there is loads of misunderstanding everywhere.

Central economy is a system which per server controls the amount of items in game. Old spawn system was hard to configure, and even harder to control and with survival gameplay being core to DayZ we had to move away from it sooner or later.

Item settings can be changed in real time through our frontend or directly in database. Each item class is tagged as crafted/not crafted, and carries nominal/minimal/maximum amount.

Nominal value directly controls the amount of items the server is aiming to deliver at initial startup, after that the system is controlled by cleanup + realtime respawn. When an item class reaches (nominal - minimal) it will start restocking. Maximum amount of item class on a server is (nominal + maximum). There is also a setting that dictates maximum amount of items on a server as a total.

In current iteration each server oscillates between 19k-25k items with total maximum set to 45k. Respawn tick happens every 5 seconds as does cleanup. Each class has nominal/minimal/maximum values defined. When a items class gets to a minimal value (usualy about 50%) it start respawning based on priorities.

That can constitute the base of the system with a lot more to talk about in detail which is not neccessary atm.

Each item in persistence binary also carries a lifetime value, Aka the time in seconds it can stay on the ground before expiring. Tents and backpacks/cases have the value greatly increased while other items diminish in matter of hours. Thus the loot caches should only happen with tents/cases/backpacks. While the system cleanes these items, it quickly starts restocking the original spawn points (memory points on buildings). Items in tents/backpacks/player inventories are not part of the calculation!

The configuration of the system is in progress as are the features :

Bugs : Items can dissapear in vicinity of player as well as some misconfiguration causing items to dissapear instantly yesterday. Rarirty items except guns have not been configured yet so their spawn points are illogical. And a lot more.

Future : We will continue to fine tune the system over the next couple months, With addition of new features, logical distribution, timing, And item class logic that evenly distributes the items over south/north/west/east.

You can expect some finetuning of item numbers over next week and a lot more configuration changes when 0.56 hits. In the meantime enjoy the hardcore survival, and try to stay safe.

EDIT : Since the question was asked more than couple of times, items have tags, as well as buildings and there is a heat map that coordinates the distribution to proper area/place. Only guns are configured now (and police station)

So much interesting new tech going into this game, looking forward to seeing it progress.

@Strudel this explains why the high tier spawns have been messed up recently.


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#2 Strudel

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Posted 03 April 2015 - 04:20 PM

Yes, they had a bug where items wasn't respawning, they have hotfixed this not long after release, which is good. Now items are respawning and it works better on some servers then other,

My advice to any wanting to try and play and not die. Get of the coast, get west as fast as possible loot on the way, don't spend ages looting a coastal town, as people will have picked it already. North side, and west side seems to be good for loot, i managed to get myself back to to the level of gear i was getting before this patch.

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