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ARMA III breakingpoint

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Posted 10 March 2016 - 03:05 AM

hey guys,

I noticed yesterday that more people started playing Breakingpoint mod again.
Therefore i would like to ask those who are interested to join me and start a good group again on 1 or more servers and get some decent pvp going.

If anyone has experience with BP and wants to start again, or if you are new to BPmod doesnt matter, everyone is welcome!!!

just let me know here or send me a PM on steam if you are interested.


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    Some call me Kyle, Most call me Tarts

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Posted 10 March 2016 - 01:32 PM

Not too interested in Arma III atm (for my time is being consumed by Bleep Blops 3) but I encourage everyone with the game to play Breaking point, simply for the fact that it gives about a 40 fps boost to Arma, I run regular arma at around 24 ish fps, but breaking point I can go into the 70's and sometimes 80's. Gameplay is standard dayz type gameplay but with a unique leveling system and class system. Would reccommend.

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#3 PhantomDot1

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Posted 10 March 2016 - 02:58 PM

Im in #uknewthatalready xD

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#4 thegamebdc

Posted 10 March 2016 - 03:30 PM

haven't played breaking point since it first came out but would like to mess around on it sometime

come check out my stream www.twitch.tv/thegamebdc


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Posted 11 March 2016 - 05:15 AM

@PhantomDot1 : but i dont like you... :P 

@thegamebdc : youre always welcome to join me or send me a message on TS when you see me on there.

@ImakePOPTARTS : to bad you wont be joining us soon  :(  but i love the way you you explain the game.
it indeed is a fun post apocaliptic survival game.
and with the class system there is something for everyone.

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#6 Kakkoi

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Posted 12 March 2016 - 12:09 PM

get rekt by zomboids on BP

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#7 jakjak112

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Posted 13 March 2016 - 09:11 AM

Im interested man.

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Posted 14 March 2016 - 03:15 AM

first of all, sorry i wasnt active the past week...
had alot to do at work and this weekend we celebrated my GF's Bday...

but whenever you see me in teamspeak (doesnt matter what chanel) i am mostly playing BP so if you wane join just come to the channel or poke me...
i'm gona try to be more active this week.

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