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Teamspeak Music Bot Info & Commands

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Posted 14 April 2016 - 07:12 AM




Here you'll find everything you need to know about your trusty DG DJs. A little light reading and you'll be spinning up bangin' tunes and dropping phat beats in no time.



Both DJs can only be controlled by members and above at the current time.



Now for the commands:


!yt: Use this to start a track from YouTube using a specific link

!yt https://youtu.be/PWmfNeLs7fA

!qytUse this to queue up YouTube tracks to the playlist

!qyt https://youtu.be/PWmfNeLs7fA

!youtubeThis is a new feature added which will allow you to search YouTube and queue a song based on the results

!youtube vitas 7th element

!playlist <playlistname>: starts playing back the playlist <playlistname> (please ask Next_Generation to add your YouTube playlist to the server)

!playlist Kakkoi
!next: playback the next track (only when a playlist is active)
!prev: playback the previous track (only when a playlist is active)
!shuffle: toggle shuffle
!stop: stop playback
!volume up: increase the volume
!volume down: decrease the volume
!volume <value>: set the volume to <value> (between 0 and 100)
!volume 30
Extra Features
!dice: <qty> <sides> - This will allow you to roll a dice with as many sides as you like a number of times. For example "!dice 4 6" will roll a 6 sided dice 4 times
!dice 4 6

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